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Out-of-the-box solutions do not work because of their general nature and mismatch with a specific business profile. At Onex Group, we build solutions tailored to the organization profile of each client individually.


Recently implemented projects

Get inspired by the latest projects we have implemented:

  • System for managing universities

    We maintain and develop comprehensively systems that support the main processes related to the activities of universities. The systems are used by 33 universities that support 220 thousand. students (1/5 of the entire population in Poland).

  • Maintaining the system in the insurance industry

    We maintain systems that implement programs as well as insurance and maintenance services for the rental of mobile devices.

  • Portal for IT infrastructure management

    We take care of the development of the portal where customers can manage their reserved virtual and physical machines. The portal has been implemented using the latest technologies based on Microsoft Cloud.

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Piotr Gorski

Head of Software Development Domain

Cooperation scenarios

  • Design and implementation

    We take on the entire process of implementing the solution from design through implementation and adaptation of the solution in the organization.

  • Dedicated team

    We select a properly profiled team that will help you address your business goals. Project management remains on your side.

  • Team expansion

    We strengthen your team by matching experts, filling in the competence gaps accordingly.

Who we are?

At Onex Group, we know that software development is an investment that may involve high risk and costs. We understand that you want this investment to pay off and bring you the greatest possible return. We understand that the funds that you allocate to the development of IT systems are to be used in an optimal way so that they bring the expected results. Your investment is important and therefore we feel responsible for its success. We specialize in the development and improvement of software using Microsoft technology, so that they support business processes in the most effective way. The starting point is to understand your vision so that the software we provide is tailored to the business and meets your expectations. We have teams of experienced professionals.

Our competences also cover the following areas:

Digitization of business processes based on WEB solutions

Digitization of business processes based on WEB solutions

Digitization of business processes is not only a trend today, but above all a significant improvement for many companies. We will create a functional online application for any application and meeting any needs (external or internal). We will provide a solution fully compliant with your requirements and prepare it for improvements and any changes that will result from the future needs of your organization.

Software development and maintenance. New functions and development of the application

Software development and maintenance. New functions and development of the application

Constantly creating new functions in applications is often even a necessity. It is required by both customers and changing legal regulations. It is important to develop software thoughtfully. This approach will allow you to increase revenues and maintain or improve your market position.

Systems integration

Systems integration

If you use two different IT solutions and want to create a connection between them, we can help you with that. Thanks to this, the data flow between individual systems will start automatically. We will prepare an API for integration with the third-party system, we will integrate with payment systems, courier and accounting companies or with social media.

Migration of on-premise solutions to the cloud

Migration of on-premise solutions to the cloud

Traditional application and system hosting is a popular and frequently chosen solution that has its advantages and disadvantages. We will help you properly configure, manage and install the appropriate components to ensure maximum cloud performance at the lowest possible cost.

Dedicated software

Dedicated software

If you have an idea for a business and need an IT solution for it, we will help you create such a solution perfectly suited to your expectations. Available in web browsers, on desktop and mobile devices.

Building a solution based on Proof of Concept (PoC)

Building a solution based on Proof of Concept (PoC)

We will transform your PoC into a fully functioning product ready for the market. We will take into account all functional and non-functional requirements so that the application becomes attractive not only for your client. It will run quickly and smoothly. In the future, you will be able to easily expand it or migrate to another server.

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